Our Story

"This chapter of my love affair with jewelry started on the streets of Rome. I was drawn to a chic store with the most beautiful and original jewelry I had ever seen in the window. My fiance said "Very tempting. Looks very expensive, too - Lets not go in".

Once inside, we found a huge collection of handcrafted jewelry items, from gorgeous statement pieces on down in size to small petite items, all with a unique Italian artisan look and feel. The prices in this swanky store, right in the center of one of the fashion meccas of the world, were unbelievable - I thought my Euro conversions were completely off.

We soon found part of the story: Little 2" square cards were placed around the exquisite displays which proudly stated that the jewelry was designed by the most respected artists in the land, and then made from Earth Friendly Recycled materials. Good for the planet turned out to be great for the wallet! Many of the items were made of aluminum, which is naturally hypoallergenic, nickel and lead free, and light weight, shiny and durable. Other collections used silver plating over sustainable alloy metals, and gorgeous sustainable brass collections. I was asked, "Have you ever seen anything like this store in the US?" "Nope". We were hooked! A few years later, after scouring the world for great jewelry designs and artisans working in sustainable materials, I was ready to introduce Modadia to America.

I am Heather Pich, and am humbled and honored to be able to bring great art and opportunity to good people. I have been in the jewelry industry for almost 20 years, during which time I built a multi-million dollar Silpada (sterling silver) sales team of my own, and then was a corporate trainer for a multi-national jewelry company. Jewelry has always caught my eye and heart. At Modadia we go further than high fashion. We make others feel and look beautiful, help boutiquers succeed, and help the planet all at the same time.

That is the thought process that gave birth to Modadia, (loosely meaning "Fashion Day" in Spanish and Italian). Our collections consist of handcrafted artisan jewelry from Italy and from the US, and other locations. Modadia is also a conduit of great art - we encourage wonderful artisans and artistic designers to produce gorgeous jewelry that is better than the rest for our planet, and affordable at the same time. Most of our pieces are priced within the "sweet spot" of $15-50.

Art can and should be made out of the best materials ON the planet, not only from metals mined anew out of the Earth. We can do beautiful things better. Enhancing lives and careers is also an important part of our mission - we are building a movement, and a VIBE, and want you to be a part of all this. Modadia allows "Private Boutiquers" to have their own Modadia online boutique, and sell to friends, family and market to others online or in person.

Another program called "Afflliate Influencer" allows people who like Modadia styles and/or our message to buy, share, and earn in the lightest way possible. We are on a mission to bring fabulous Earth Friendly Recycled, fashion forward, jewelry to the world. Join us!"