Be a Modadia Private Boutiquer!

Turn your passions, and your fashion, into FUN!

With Modadia, you can quickly and easily become a Private Boutiquer. What does that mean? You will own your own online boutique, share your own website (which we have pre-built for you), model the jewelry YOU carry, and be paid instant and generous commissions from sales.


Every step of the way, Modadia will help. We will show you how to share with family and friends, do pop up shops, provide promo items for fundraising events and vendor events, and through various other classy methods. Share the Modadia online boutique with others and encourage them join your team - Let Modadia do the follow up for you. We can even do much of your social media promotion for you.

You will be able to introduce the beauty and grace of Modadia to others in a classy and fun way. Run ads on Facebook and Instagram to grow your following - we will show you how with quick 1 and 2 minute tutorials. We can also provide “push-button” options to run our professional ads across your social media and through email instantly. This way, you can do small, quick, and easy tasks each day to grow your business.


Email us at, and just for asking we will give you a free coupon for 10% off Modadia product and free shipping.

Join our vibe of Earth Friendly Recycled, and otherwise sustainable, jewelry with purpose today.