8 Reasons to love Aluminum Jewelry!

1) First of all Aluminum jewelry is feather light!!  Ever put a few bangle bracelets on or chunky earrings thinking OMG! My arm weighs a ton or my ears are going to rip off! (You 80’s girls remember those type of earrings right! I do! ) We think “how am I suppose to wear this all day?” Well with Aluminum jewelry you won’t have that problem! It is 1/3rd the weight of sterling silver and you will still look like a million bucks wearing it!

2) It’s Hypoallergenic!! Aluminum is a good choice for allergies. (Of course, we should always consult with our doctor if we are known to have severe reactions to metals) But… it does not contain nickel and that is usually the cause of itching and rash when allergic to jewelry. If that is a worry for you, putting on a piece of Aluminum jewelry will only result in you looking and feeling beautiful.. No itchy’s!!

3) It’s doesn’t Rust!! Many metal materials usually include iron in them which causes rusting and turns your jewelry an ugly reddish brown color. With Aluminum jewelry that just doesn’t happen!

4) It doesn’t Tarnish!!

I think at one time or another all of us have pulled out a piece of jewelry and it’s turned black right? Aluminum doesn’t tarnish like Silver. Did you know that its actually a self-healing metal? What that means is that it slowly reacts with oxygen to develop a clear, protective layer of Aluminum Oxide. You normally can’t see it either and it will fill in tiny surface scratches in essence healing itself. How fabulous is that!

5) Aluminum is easy to clean!

No one wants to wear grimy blackish/grey jewelry right? So then you have to break out the cleaners or worse take it somewhere to be professionally cleaned! Who has time for that???

Aluminum doesn’t need fancy cleaners, it will sit in your jewelry box waiting for you to wear it again looking awesome when you do and if by chance you decide to wear it on the next Mud run, well you will need to clean it. So how??

Wash it in dish soap! yes, that’s right just plain old dish soap. Lather it up, rinse repeat and dry it off with a clean cloth. That’s it! Bright and shiny like new!

6) Ok, of course, we love this next reason because Modadia is all about this!

It’s ECO-FRIENDLY !!! Aluminum (most of it) is almost always made out of recycled content. That means at some point your lovely pieces were originally a soda can or a car bumper or even a road sign. However, since your amazing and love the idea of EFR jewelry (Earth-friendly recycled) now that soda can, car bumper or sign was saved, melted down, refined and given a new life as beauty fun fashionable jewelry! Yea for all of us helping the planet!


7) It looks like Sterling Silver jewelry!

Everyone loves Sterling Silver jewelry! I for one represented it with a fabulous Social selling company for 13 plus years and loved every minute of it. Yet, Aluminum has the Sterling look without the tarnishing, the weight or the price tag. It’s bright and shiny and will fool people time and again. Every time I am out doing a pop-up shop exposing our brand most all who come up to see our line of EFR jewelry ask “This is sterling silver right?” They are always blown away when I place a large heavy looking piece into their hand and say “feel this!” Its handcrafted recycled aluminum! They love it and this leads us into our last reason we just love this meta and you should too!

(Aluminum chain top, Sterling Silver chain bottom)

8) Aluminum is less expensive.

With prices going crazy all the time in all areas of life whether its precious metals, gas or even our food pricing, it’s refreshing to find something beautiful that doesn’t break our wallet. That’s where EFR jewelry comes into play. Its a fraction of the cost of a piece of Sterling silver. A Sterling silver necklace might have a price of maybe $300 and the same design in aluminum would be closet to $70. That’s a big difference. Not knocking Sterling silver, I love it and still own many items. However, I am finding by helping the planet by recycling and wearing handcrafted jewelry with a cause that looks fashionable and is affordable that seems to be sparking the interest of many these days.

So when you are on a tighter budget but want a fresh updated look, Aluminum is a great alternative and choice. All the beauty, none of the extra cash going out the window!