5 Reasons to have a side hustle…

You know its so easy these days to add something to your plate and think I should do that and make money with it! Have you ever thought that? I know I have. Then we dismiss it. But why is a side hustle something that can be done that also could be a good thing for us?

  1. People start a side business why? It can be for several reasons. 1) people can think “I could use a little extra cash” 2) some like the idea of the feeling that they are starting something on their own terms and they are their own boss. Its a sense of freedom. 3) Some just want to get out of the house and meet new people because maybe they are retired or a stay at home parent. It’s for the collaboration and connection to others.

What ever the reason, it can be fulfilling if you don’t take on too much and spread yourself so thin that you cant get everything done in the fashion you would like to.

2) Some have a side hustle because they need to pay off debt! Debt has accumulated and they need an out yet they don’t want to file bankruptcy. Some need to add to the family income because one spouse has maybe been laid off or lost their job. Others have kids heading into college or parents aging.

3) There are many people that start a new business because they want to help others. Their motto is “The more I help others the more I help myself” Giving back feels good, watching others succeed and knowing you had a part in it can be empowering and takes you away from your own problems which give’s you a better perspective on life.

4) Having your own business means you can hone a skill or a trade and teach others to do the same. There is the old saying give a man a fish and feed that man for a day, teach a man how to fish and he feeds himself for life. if you have a vehicle where you can hone your own skills, in sales, in speaking, in sharing, in fundraising or whatever it might be and that vehicle makes it easy for you to accommplish some of these things then that makes it easier to begin and if you know you have someone or a company backing you up makes the deal even sweeter. You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.


5) A side business is just plain and simple is“Good for the pocket book” Whether its because you are in debt, need a new car, have kids to to put through college, want to take your sweetheart on a long romantic vacation or just prepare more for retirement. It doesnt really matter. A side gig gives you the feeling of being in control of your own destiny. Your calling your own shots. Living life on your terms. Just remember whatever you decide as your side business should you be looking for one, ask yourself what gives you passion? What makes you happy when you are doing it and how much time can you commit to it? Because when it comes down to it, its the consistency over time that builds the bank acct which leads to vacations, pays off bills, college debt handled for the kids or just for that hammock in your backyard or to lay around on while on that exotic vacation.


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